Raleigh International – Providing for the Future

Christian O’Meara graduated from Buckinghamshire College with a bachelor’s degree in leisure management. He is the CEO of Logic20/20 in Seattle, a business and technology consulting firm. Logic20/20 was named Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For five years in a row. Christian O’Meara’s ambition and goal with the Seattle firm was to make it one of the best companies to work for and do business with. Over the years he has been involved with numerous programs and supported or volunteered in different communities. One of the groups he worked with is Raleigh International.

Raleigh International is a sustainable development nonprofit organization whose goal is to create a better future for coming generations. Raleigh International gathers young people from all around the world, working side by side with them to improve and preserve the environment. The main areas Raleigh International most wants to improve upon are access to safe water and sanitation, as well as building livelihoods and protecting and maintaining a safe environment.

Anyone can volunteer with Raleigh International, and over the years the group has developed strong bonds with universities and companies around the world that share its vision. Its belief is that creating lasting change in the world comes from its youth, as there are over seven billion people in the world and more than half of them are under 30. It oversees expeditions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Tanzania, and offers young people the chance to go out of their comfort zone and explore, as well as develop new skills and cultural awareness in exchange for their help.