Three Business Lessons Learned from Sports

Christian O’Meara has served as the chief executive officer of Logic20/20, Inc., in Seattle, Washington, since co-founding the business and technology consulting firm in 2005. During his time in this leadership position, Christian O’Meara has drawn on various experiences from his days as a competitive rugby player.

One of the key takeaways from Mr. O’Meara’s playing days is that an effective coach can mean the difference between a successful venture and a complete failure. Leadership is paramount to the growth and development of any team, whether athletic or business. That said, leaders must recognize that they are as much in service to their team as their staff members are to them. In the world of business, great leadership can be defined as collaborative, transparent, goal-oriented, and genuinely compassionate.

While a strong leader is important to success, both athletes and employees must learn to trust one another. In both sports and business, a quality team is stronger than the sum of its parts. The keys to establishing trust among co-workers boil down to consistent, adequate preparation and clear intent. As individuals establish reputations for preparing themselves and working hard on behalf of the project, they can gain the trust of co-workers and form a more effective team.

Finally, both athletes and working professionals must appreciate the fact that not every day ends in victory. Understanding and responding to the natural win/loss rhythm of business is important to continued success. Ultimately, a team is only as strong as they are during the most difficult times.