Three Benefits Professionals Gain By Working With a Mentor

As an experienced leader and executive in the technology industry, Christian O’Meara co-founded Logic20/20, a business technology consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington. In his role as chief executive officer for the company, Christian O’Meara advocates for mentorships, having acted as a mentor and received previous mentorship from numerous individuals. His work suggests that professionals who work with good mentors enjoy certain benefits that their peers may not experience.

First, a mentee learns humility by receiving honest feedback. A suitable mentor offers a candid opinion about a mentee’s goals, both long-term and short-term. In return, a mentee adopts a humble attitude, opening themselves up to the information their mentor offers them.

Second, a mentor brings a unique perspective to the mentor/mentee relationship and can provide a different point of view that a mentee has yet to consider. This may help the mentee recognize an element about their goals that they had not previously considered.

Third, a mentee earns access to their mentor’s business acumen firsthand. Depending on a mentor’s style, the mentee may observe professional intuition through example or through meetings and discussions on the topic. This type of insight can be difficult to come by in other situations.