Creating a Positive Workplace Through Investing in People

A longstanding Seattle technology executive, Christian O’Meara serves as CEO of the consulting firm Logic20/20 and provides a wide range of business development services. One facet of success that Christian O’Meara explores in a blog article on the company website is the importance of investing in people.

At Logic20/20, Mr. O’Meara strives to foster a flexible, collaborative “Culture of We” environment that emphasizes the importance of team members enjoying the workplace, working productively in ways that achieve consistently high levels of client satisfaction. A key insight informing this has to do with the interconnected nature of emotional and physical wellness, as well as balanced home and work life.

Mr. O’Meara draws analogies between the sense of team spirit at work in his company and his own experience as a competitive rugby player, organizing teammates’ efforts. A key on the playing field is to harmoniously take on challenges together. Elements of this strategy incorporated in the Logic20/20 workplace include mentorship, peer recognition, community involvement, and a “play together, stay together” ethos.