Some Important Qualities of Good Mentorship

Mentorship pic


Experienced executive Christian O’Meara has worked in areas ranging from business development to recruitment. Co-founder of Logic20/20, based in Seattle, Christian O’Meara believes in the importance of sharing the benefits received from mentorship by mentoring others.

Mentoring provides a supportive relationship that empowers many to achieve success. If you have received guidance from a mentor, consider passing on the fruits of that experience to others, which will further enhance your own development.

Good mentors are honest and humble. By sharing your experiences with those you mentor, you give them the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Your honest assessment of their current path and goals will provide them an outside perspective to help them gain clarity. Good mentors also listen well, and consequently, better support those they mentor.

Sometimes mentees simply need encouragement when they face obstacles and feel like giving up from someone who has “been there.” Perhaps you can point out a way they could improve their company practices, be more effective at networking, or otherwise further their own personal development. As a mentor, you can help in all of these areas and many more through your words and personal example.