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Three Benefits of Engaging with a Mentor


Christian O'Meara

Christian O’Meara

An accomplished business development executive and consultant, Christian O’Meara founded Logic20/20 in Seattle, Washington, in 2005. In his leadership role with the consulting firm, Christian O’Meara relies on years of experience gained both as a mentor and mentee. Recently, he wrote an article for the Logic20/20 blog that explores the benefits of engaging with a mentor.

As a mentee, Mr. O’Meara has had the opportunity to learn from mentors that include a self-made billionaire and a PhD holder. As a mentor, he has helped advise individuals ranging from a former White House official to a Major League Soccer player. Over the years, Mr. O’ Meara has found that mentors provide benefits in several ways.

First, mentorship helps increase both honesty and humility. A good mentor will give honest advice and fair criticism, even if at first it is painful to hear, and a good mentee will listen to that feedback with an open mind.

Mentors also help mentees develop perspective. Every mentor draws upon a different career path, educational background, and set of life experiences, which provides each of them with a different perspective on a given challenge. By assembling a group of diverse mentors, a mentee can gather varied perspectives on any issue.

Finally, engaging with a mentor can provide vital business skills that otherwise only come through classroom training and real-world experience or, in some cases, may never come at all. While a good mentor will often proactively share advice based on business experience, a mentee can gain even more from the relationship by observing the mentor in action and asking relevant questions.

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